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Sugar glider E-book

(Coming Soon)


  1. Basic sugar glider facts
  2. Are sugar gliders the right pet for you
  3. Sugar gliders and kids
  4. Laws
  5. Vendor warning
  6. Choosing a sugar glider
  7. Boy or Girl
  8. One or two
  9. Sugar glider pairing success guide
  10. Safe shipping
  11. Preparing for your new sugar glider
  12. Picking up your sugar glider
  13. First few weeks home
  14. Bonding tips
  15. Introducing sugar gliders
  16. Diet
  17. First aid
  18. Nail trimming
  19. Habitats and husbandry
  20. Common new owner questions
  21. Ohio vet referrals
  22. Contact me
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